Scheduling Rides

Requesting Service:

supervisor-dispatch-webWe schedule rides on a first come, first served basis, so plan to schedule rides as far in advance as you can.  We encourage you to schedule your rides at least one day in advance.  This helps us to plan for the trip when we make our schedule for the next day.  We also recommend that you schedule your ride so there is enough time to get to your destination on time.  Buses may arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled pick up time or 15 minutes after the time, so we encourage you to plan accordingly.  We ask that you plan to schedule your return trip at the time you make the initial ride with the dispatcher.

You will need to inform the dispatcher, when scheduling a ride, if you will be making more than one stop so we can plan for the ride.  We make the routes the day before and will not have time to complete the extra trip once the schedule is set.  Transit Operators are not able to wait for you at a location even if you will not be there very long.

To schedule a ride, call 665-4610 during office hours.  Office hours are:  Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm. We can not take same day requests for rides, all rides need to be scheduled by 4:30 pm the previous business day. Federal regulations does not allow us to do same day rides, this would be competing with the taxi services in Yankton.

Transportation for out of town trips occurs on an as needed basis and a minimum of  24 hour notice is required. We ask that passengers needing transportation out of town schedule their business between the  hours of 11 am and 3 pm.

Regularly Schedule Rides :

A ride scheduled on a regular basis may be arranged with the dispatcher to be recurrent.  You only need to make one call and the ride will be on the schedule until you call and tell the dispatcher that you no longer need the ride.

Scheduling Trips:

Yankton Transit operates within a 15 minute window.  Due to the nature of the service, arrival times will vary.  Please allow a 15 minute window of time for the bus to arrive.

  • The bus may have an early arrival of up to 15 minutes, or the possibility of a 15 minute delay.  This should to be taken into account when scheduling a  ride so that you will arrive on time for your appointment.  We ask that you plan for an early arrival and be ready to go 15 minutes prior to your pick up.
  • Upon arrival, all Transit Operators will wait for the passenger for five minutes. Once the five minutes is up, the operator will continue on his/her route and the ride will be marked a no-show. (This excludes boarding time.)
  • In the event your appointment is completed early, you are encouraged to call and notify the Transit Dispatcher that you are available for an early return.  If possible we will pick you up sooner, but for sure you will be picked up at your scheduled return time.

Door to Door Service:

Yankton Transit provides door to door service.  Passengers can request door to door service when they call in to schedule their rides or ask the Transit Operator for assistance on the bus.  When we transport children, the transit operator will not leave a child at a destination unattended.  For children under the age of 10, an adult will be required to bring the child to the bus and meet the child at the destination.

The services are explained below:

1.   Private homes:

  • Yankton Transit Operators will not enter your private home for any reason.
  • Transit Operators may assist you from your exterior door to the vehicle and from the vehicle to your exterior door.

2.   Business/Medical Facilities/Public Buildings:

  • Yankton Transit bus operators may assist you into and from the inside door.  Due to extreme temperatures in entryways, bus operators may assist you through the second door when necessary.  Transit Operators will not assist you past this point.
  • When picking up from a business/medical facility, bus operators may go through the first door, but will not go past this point.
  • It is the passenger’s, personal attendant’s or care provider’s responsibility to ensure that passengers are waiting inside the door for their ride.
  • Transit Operators will not enter nursing homes, medical facilities, shopping centers or businesses in an attempt to find you.  You should be waiting at the designated pick-up point at least 15 minutes before your pick-up time.
  • Transit Operators will not assist you in transporting any recycling materials.
  • The buses are unable to go through drive-thru lanes at the Post Office, banks or restaurants.  You will need to be dropped off and schedule a return pick-up time as the bus operators cannot always wait for you to go in and return because they have other passengers waiting to be picked up.

Canceling Rides:

To cancel a ride, passengers must call the Yankton Transit office at least 15 minutes before scheduled pick-up time.  If you need to cancel a ride after office hours, you may call the phone number at (605)-665-4610.  Please contact the dispatcher during office hours.

No Show Policy:

We ask that you call as far in advance as you can to cancel a trip as the Transit Operators have a schedule to maintain and this becomes inconvenient for other passengers and transit.  Passengers who are “no shows” are, in effect, causing higher fares and a less efficient system for the other passengers riding Yankton Transit.  We will charge you a $4.00 fee or 2 punch punches if you have a no show and would like another ride scheduled after the no show.  We will not do any transporting until the no show ride is paid for.

Seat Belt Policy:

All passengers of Yankton Transit are encouraged to wear a seat belt.  Passengers under the age of 18 are required to wear a seat belt, vest or car seat, if applicable.  Yankton Transit does not have infant car seats.  Parents and/or guardians will be required to supply the appropriate seat for the child.