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Please call at least one business day prior to when you need a ride.  Also rides must be called in Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM.  Emails taken after business hours for the following business day will not be accepted unless it is for cancellations.

Yankton Transit is a Non-Profit, public transit service, serving the Yankton area and is open to the public and anyone can ride.


Fare Structure

Cash Fares

In Yankton city limit fares are currently $2.50 for a one-way trip.  Persons over 60 who cannot afford this fare may contact the dispatcher to make other arrangements.  The number is 605-665-4610.  Please contact the dispatcher to find out the current fares for transportation to neighboring communities.  Please have the correct change ready when you board the bus.


Yankton Transit also offers a prepaid punch card for travel within city limits.  We have 2 cards.  One card is good for twenty (20) one–way rides, plus one free ride.  The cost of the card is $50.00.   The other card is good for ten (10) one-way rides.  The cost of this card is $25.00.  There is no expiration on either of these cards. Contact Dispatch for pricing outside Yankton city limits.

Medicaid Recipients

If you are a Medicaid recipient and need assistance paying for medical rides, we can bill Medicaid directly.  You will need to contact the dispatcher in advance to confirm your qualifications and register for this service. (605-665-4610) Contacting the office in advance is very important because not everyone who receives Medicaid qualifies for the transportation benefit.  We need to confirm this prior to the trip. Once qualification is determined, you will get a Medicaid Recipient Verification form from the driver before you go to the medical appointment.  This form will need to be completely filled out and signed by all parties so we can bill Medicaid for the service.  When you get a ride home from the appointment, return the form to the driver.  It is the responsibility of the passenger to assure all signatures are on the form when given to the driver.  If the form is not returned or is incomplete, you will need to reimburse transit for the ride(s). Medicaid will pay to go from one medical facility to another medical facility, but  Medicaid requires that the individual must originate and end at the home of records that is on file with Medicaid.  Any other location Medicaid will not approve the claim and you will have to pay for the ride. If you have any questions, contact dispatch.



Contact Information

Yankton Transit
901 East 7th Street
Yankton, South Dakota 57078
Phone (605) 665-4610
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